The Stratford Atlanta stole my money

Not resolved

I booked a room online for 3 nights at Stratford Atlanta. (It was refundable)

After staying the first night, me and my mom couldn't stand the place because it

was so dirty and smelled disgusting. We even found a roach in the toilet.

My mom had a serious allergic reaction to the dirty, smelly bed sheets.

We decided to leave the place and asked for cash refund. They said they would send me the refund check because they had already deposited the cash I had paid.

It has been more than 4 months. They never sent me the check.

They've been ignoring my emails. I called them like 20 times but I never got to talk to the manager because she keeps avoiding me.

Do you think I can get my $207.21 back?

The hotel informatiom:

the Stratford

585 parkway drive NE

Atlanta GA 30308

Tel 404 607 1010

Fax 404 8922 8146

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